Kendra. Twenty. College student. Georgia. Devout Christian. Pro-Choice and Pro-Voice. Working to create safe spaces for people to share their abortion stories and to erase the stigma and shame that surrounds abortion.

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My small Bible study group wants to do some kind of volunteer work and one lady suggested volunteering at the local CPC and I almost panicked because hell no. But the men in the group were like, “Nahhh that’s weird” so thank God.


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#TYST Tell Your Story Tuesday

New story on the podcast!

Diary Entry 53:  Sue Davis, 71 (Queens, NY 1985)

Sue shares her story of seeking an abortion in New York City when she was in her early 40s, and writing he pro-choice novel, Love Means Second Chances.

(Published on September 30, 2014 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: New York, NY)

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What anxiety meds are you taking if you don't mind me asking? And how did you bring it up with your doctor? I was just in for a check up and didn't know how to say anything.... I want to go back but still unsure how to start...

from Anonymous

I’m taking citalopram (the generic of Celexa). It was actually pretty easy to bring it up with my doctor - he kinda sorta works with my mom (she’s a nurse at a children’s home for kids with severe behavior issues and he comes once a week for check-ups and whatnot) and I also pet sit for him, haha. 

Basically I had a mental breakdown during the first week of classes (it was bad) and my mom called my doctor to tell him what happened and he had it prescribed for me. Not the typical way of doing things, but he knew about my anxiety and the things I’ve done to try to overcome it, so the citalopram is just the next step. And thankfully it’s working.

I would just call your doctor and let them know what’s going on. It might be difficult, but go ahead and be straight forward about it. They’ve probably heard stuff like it before and they’ll know what to do next. Good luck <3

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Journo request: Abortion


I’m writing my Cosmo column this week on abortion, and I’m looking for women to answer some anonymous questions about their experiences via email. 

I am pro-choice, but I’m not looking for a particular type of (positive or negative) story. I will need you to be currently aged between 18 and 35, though, and have been living in the United States at the time you had your abortion (since laws differ so much from country to country). 

If you would like to participate, please email me at before EOD Tuesday. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Whether it’s the first or fifteenth time a friend has told you about their abortion, we can all use a reminder of how to respond with empathy.

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Via: 4000 Years for Choice

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Via: 4000 Years for Choice

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› Pledge a Protester!

On September 24, the repugnant “40 Days of Life” campaign kicks off across the country, and Atlanta anti-choicers have targeted the clinic our clients rely on for reproductive healthcare.

For 40 days, they’ll camp out across the street from the clinic and “lovingly” harass folks who are simply trying to exercise their reproductive rights. Does this piss you off? It pisses us off, and that’s why we’re inviting you to Pledge a Protester!

It’s simple; for every protester who shows up, you’ll pledge a set amount. Each day, we’ll count the protesters and keep you updated. When the 40 days are up, we’ll send you a note showing your impact, along with instructions for paying your pledge. All donations will support reproductive justice access through GRJAN’s abortion fund, which provides grants to folks in the southeast who can’t afford the full cost of an abortion.

The best part? Just by showing up, protesters will be supporting our efforts to make abortion accessible for low-income people.

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You cannot be Orthodox/Catholic and pro-choice.





Tell that to pre-schism Saint Brigid, who performed an abortion as a miracle. This political issue has only been adopted by Christianity in recent years, it’s not based in doctrine at all and is entirely cultural. There are many pro-choice Christians from all denominations. 

Re-blogging for the commentary.

I’m Catholic and I’m pro choice. What do I not exist? Am I finally the enigma I always dreamed of being?

Pro-choice Catholics exist. You tell ‘em!

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