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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A manatee facing the photographer, one fin outstretched. TEXT: “Backsliding happens. Do not be discouraged. A path does not end because you took a few steps back.”]

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My abortion was so easy, and everyone there was very friendly. During my procedure there was a nurse who stood by my side, calmed me down and held my hand the whole time. It didn’t hurt and I’ve hardly had any bleeding. Thank you everyone for your support today, you made this so much easier for me.

Wonderful! I’m so glad you felt at ease and were supported by the staff, you deserve that. <3 -Kate

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Hi. I've just found out that I'm miscarrying. If I'd known I was pregnant I would've had an abortion as I cannot afford to raise a child. So do I have a right to be upset? I'm heartbroken and in so much pain...but do I deserve to feel this way?

from Anonymous

You absolutely have a right to be upset - any feeling you may have is valid. 

I’m sorry to hear you are hurting; don’t hesitate to check out this supportive website.

Take care of yourself <3


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Remember, we have a Facebook page, an imgur, a twitter and a facebook event (for those of you who synced their calendars with FB!)

We also have a deviantART group and a sub-reddit, however they’re a bit sparse.

Our hashtags are:

  • #abortstigma
  • #mybodymychoice
  • #1in3 
  • #lettsinspired
  • #takingbackthediscussion.

Mark October 21st in your calendars and queue up support!


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So! prochoice-or-gtfo tagged me for the #TacoOrBeerChallenge. I like tacos and I like helping people, so this works out. 

Since I had two tacos (I really like tacos), I donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds and also to Exhale, because post-abortion support is also important. I donated $15 to both, so $30 total.

I’m tagging everyone who reads this! (Reminder not to drink if you’re under the legal age!)

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DOn't delete any of the messages, keep them as proof but definitely tell your Dad about it, he's a cop so he can get something done at least! Don't text him back any more either since he clearly can't get the message no matter how bluntly you put it and he's very clearly manipulative and abusive.

from Anonymous

Well, I deleted all his messages last week, but I haven’t deleted the ones he sent me today. (He just asked me if I was free today?????)

I haven’t said anything to him since I told him not to text me anymore, so don’t worry. 

Thank you, guys <3


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Tell everyone you can about it. Like, right now. Tell your father especially if he's a police officer. Do not be concerned about being 'heartless' or even rude at this point. We are socialized to feel this way, but it's just not safe. Please be safe.

from Anonymous

I told my best friend, and I’ll definitely call my parents as soon as they get home. 

I told him not to contact me anymore and he didn’t say anything back, so hopefully that’s a good sign? He doesn’t know my class schedule and while he knows my housing name, he doesn’t know what building, side, floor, or apartment. 

……And as I type that, he fucking texts me again. He’s trying to make me feel bad, I think. I really regret exchanging numbers.

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