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idk if you've seen it but last night I watched after tiller and it was an amazing movie about late term abortion and about the families decisions and also the doctors and its just a really amazing documentary

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I have! It’s an excellent documentary. 

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My words, beautifully set to an image of the Redwoods by 4000 Years For Choice.

"Supporting someone through an abortion is a form of love as well. It’s a deep respect for all of life’s complexities. And I believe that most men, and fathers, understand that too."

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my Catholicism story



I would say that I’ve always loved the Catholic religion, but then I would be lying.

When I was little I used to hate going to mass, and hate going to catechism. I would wake up on Sunday mornings, not daring to look at the clock, lest it be early enough for my mother to force me out of bed and get ready. Alas, it was always early enough. The kids in my catechism classes were never friendly, and I always felt alone. Right after class my parents told my brother and I to meet them by the church, so we’d all go into mass together. We always begged and pleaded with them to take us to breakfast instead of into mass, but they never obliged. I remember sitting in mass, checking my mom’s watch every 10 minutes or so, bored out of my mind. I hated kneeling, I would always rest my butt on the bench and my brother would elbow me for “not kneeling right.” The communion wafer tasted like cardboard, and I had never once felt a connection to God. This went on from age 6 to age 14. 

When I was 14, my brother and I were old enough to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. This sacrament was basically us becoming adults in Catholicism. I remember wearing a tight white dress and being super uncomfortable. However, as I was standing there in the pew while the priest walked up to the altar, swinging around his incense-holder thing, with everybody singing, I felt a presence. God was there, and he loved me. It was a beautiful moment.

After that, my parents stopped taking us to mass. We lived 20 miles from our church, so my parents just didn’t feel the need to go if we weren’t going to be in class. Our religious education was over, and my sister would not start for a year (she being only four years old at the time). That time was enough for me to really gain an interest in what my parents had been trying to force through my head for all of those years.

I honestly find Catholicism to be quite interesting. I’ve come to really appreciate the beauty of the Catholic rituals and the comfort of prayer. Catholicism is a beautiful religion, and I wouldn’t want to believe in anything else. 

There was a thing that I heard tumblr user forthecatholicgirls say in one of their posts that I think sums up my relationship with Catholicism: “There are people who love their Catholic faith and believe being Catholic doesn’t amount to just living your life by a “Catholic checklist.”” I love being Catholic, and my support of LGBTQIAP+ people and pro-choice stance do not mean I have to give it up. I do not have to believe in every single little tidbit of Catholicism to call myself Catholic. I was born Catholic, raised Catholic, I am Catholic and will be for the rest of my life. 

There will always be Catholic people who will make me want to doubt myself, or even straight-up tell me that I can’t be Catholic. I will not let those people define me or my beliefs. Tell me I can’t be Catholic? Watch me. I’m sure that God is even more proud of me for supporting people in their choices than of any anti-choicer who spreads misinformation and shame and hate.

Wanted to share Hella Choice’s great story on her Catholic faith. 

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Do you live in ‪#‎Oklahoma‬ and want to share your ‪#‎abortion‬ story? We’ll be in OKC 9/4-9/18 to listen to and record stories!

Contact us:


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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A manatee facing the photographer, one fin outstretched. TEXT: “Backsliding happens. Do not be discouraged. A path does not end because you took a few steps back.”]

(Image credit to ABC News)

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My abortion was so easy, and everyone there was very friendly. During my procedure there was a nurse who stood by my side, calmed me down and held my hand the whole time. It didn’t hurt and I’ve hardly had any bleeding. Thank you everyone for your support today, you made this so much easier for me.

Wonderful! I’m so glad you felt at ease and were supported by the staff, you deserve that. <3 -Kate

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Hi. I've just found out that I'm miscarrying. If I'd known I was pregnant I would've had an abortion as I cannot afford to raise a child. So do I have a right to be upset? I'm heartbroken and in so much pain...but do I deserve to feel this way?

from Anonymous

You absolutely have a right to be upset - any feeling you may have is valid. 

I’m sorry to hear you are hurting; don’t hesitate to check out this supportive website.

Take care of yourself <3


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Remember, we have a Facebook page, an imgur, a twitter and a facebook event (for those of you who synced their calendars with FB!)

We also have a deviantART group and a sub-reddit, however they’re a bit sparse.

Our hashtags are:

  • #abortstigma
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  • #1in3 
  • #lettsinspired
  • #takingbackthediscussion.

Mark October 21st in your calendars and queue up support!


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