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Can you see a midwife instead of a gyno if you never want to give birth? I feel like I would be more comfortable seeing a midwife for contraception and check-ups, but I don't ever plan on being pregnant. So is that okay? Or do midwives just see patients who are pregnant?

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Hey ANON! 

YES! You can see a midwife instead of a gynecologist (MD) if you never have plans to give birth.  Midwives provide care throughout the lifespan. It’s a common misconception that midwives only take for pregnant and birthing patients.

Please come see us for: annual well-person exams, pap smears, birth control, vaginal complaints, breast changes, menstrual questions/concerns, urinary incontinence, menopausal questions/concerns, and on and on…

See these earlier posts for more info:

Cheers! Amanda 

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Are you allowed any kind of animals at all in campus housing, such as small ones?

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I can have fish, but there’s really not much room for a decently sized tank in my room.  


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I'm not sure where you go to school but some places have Guide dog training programs where you raise a future guide dog! And those are allowed in certain dorms, at least here anyway. You have to get rid of the dog eventually but it's still nice!

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I think they do here, too! I’ve seen a few students walking around with dogs wearing “service animal in training” vests on. I think I might look into it, thanks!


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I’m super lame, but I need advice:

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Hey so, I feel the need to document this in detail. Feel free to like and reblog. When I had my pre-surgery anxiety, detailed stories like this helped calm me down.

This is my experience with the abortion I got last week. I had it done at 16, 16.5 weeks they guesstimated. I had it done in the Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

TW for pregnancy, rape, mention of abuse, medical stuff.

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'I Think She Was A She' Proudly Proclaims There's No Shame In Having An Abortion

In the slam poem “I Think She Was A She,” spoken word poet and performance artist Leyla Josephine recounts the abortion she had as a teenager and the cultural shame she’s been constantly confronted with ever since.

Be brought to tears when you watch Leyla recite the full moving poem here. 

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Why is it that most of the after abortion groups I have found are focused solely on religion ? I understand, I’m just feeling left out.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling left out - maybe something like Exhale or Backline would help? Take care of yourself <3

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‪#‎TBT‬ ”Abortion is such a common experience.” - Vanessa

Vanessa shares her experience of seeking an abortion in Detroit, MI.

These are the stories we share.


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